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【ToS】Tree of Savior 韓国ゲーム大賞にノミネートされる【IMC】

Good news! We are officially nominated for the 2016 Korea Game Awards! Wish us luck!
The Korean Game Awards, to be held this November 16, are an annual ceremony hosted by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and other national organizations to honor and promote exceptional creative game design projects.

For detailed info. regarding 2016 Korea Game Awards, please refer to the following link. (based on Korean)

Here is the link below to indicate we are nominated for the 2016 Korea Game Awards (based on Korean)




Wow this game was nominated? Well nominated for full of bugs and bots and also nominated for worst game ever optimized


So...sorry for it

ToS is not a bad game but the problems with bugs and bots and poor optimization kills ToS if somehow IMC can make good solutions especially for the optimization issue, ToS can be much better

the solution is change IMC

not to mention bad customer services late replies and ignored tickets.

damn felt sad seeing the admin gave crying emotion like that

TBH,you definitely wont win,,,


Well, will really need Good Luck. The game is beautiful and has potential, but not solving the main issues that makes the game very unplayable such as: Bots, Fps Drops, Gliches, Lag, etc. will be very unlikely to win something with this.

And suddenly a Mobile version is coming. How are you guys keeping the development of the game like this??

Thank you so much for your advice. still trying our best to salisty our saviors with solving those problems

どうやら日本のタマネギとは違い、IMCのFacebookはきちんと意見が反映されるようです。タマネギに対して要望を綴るよりか、IMCのTree of Saviorで無理矢理にでもGoogleで英語翻訳使って要望をしていったほうがレスポンスはかなり期待されそう。

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